Tools for Churches

MiningTheScripture is the Seeker-centered way to build your website.

Make your content front-and-center with MiningTheScripture. Your Members and Seekers will love the ease with which they can access online Sermon, Bible Class, Song Service and meeting content.

With all the congregational tools that you’ve come to expect – membership, duties, trackers, and more – inside of a website that is optimized to seek the lost, you’re going to love the Power and the Purpose of Church Websites by MiningTheScripture.

Virtual Resource-Rooms

A great resource for congregations and teachers. Virtual resource rooms are packed with information to help Elders, Deacons, Teachers and Class Facilitators teach and communicate Bible-concepts.

Leave the clutter behind: Awesome shared class materials, kids class ideas, concepts for VBS, song learning aids, and much, much more can be found inside of MiningTheScripture Virtual Resource Rooms. 

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Advanced Content Research

Research insights and trends in Christian teaching.

Learn what topics are popular, see what kinds of information Seekers are pursuing, understand the messages that are resonating with people, and which messages should be proclaimed even more!

MiningTheScripture is a reservoir of interesting information on what is being sought and what is being preached. We share that information with Churches so that they can be better stewards of the spoken word.

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