A Resource for Seekers

MiningTheScripture is a place for Seekers to come and learn and grow in their faith.

Every day we have new sermons uploaded from Preachers all around the world. Seekers can search by topic, Preacher, or key words that they want to learn more about. Rate or like your favorite sermons, view popular sermons, or sermons that other Seekers have found convicting, informational, and so on.

Create a profile, communicate with Seekers and Preachers, download sermons onto your smartphone, and use the MiningTheScripture resources for your home congregation.

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We are diligently working on making MiningTheScripture easily accessible for everyone!

Download our app on your smartphone and listen to the Word and interact with other Seekers and Preachers, wherever you may be. Your downloaded sermons will even work on airplane mode or in a restricted connection environment.

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Engage with Preachers

MiningTheScripture is working closely with a number of Preachers that share the common goal of Preserving the Spoken Word and helping Seekers grow in faith.

When listening to a sermon you are able to connect and communicate with the Preacher. Ask them questions and get answers.

Once you create a profile on MiningTheScripture you are able to engage with Preachers easily and effectively. All of these conversations are private and for the purpose of helping you grow.

Seeker Profiles

Create a profile and share it with other Seekers who use MiningTheScripture.

By sharing your profile with others, you are able to connect with other Seekers in your area, communicate with Preachers and Seekers, save Sermons you would like to revisit, and so much more.

This profile shows Seekers home congregation, a photo of them, Preachers they follow, an “About Me” section, and their favorite sermons they would like to share with others!

Follow the link and create a profile to be a part of the wonderful journey at MiningTheScripture.