Your New Website

Coming Soon: Let MiningTheScripture be your new website!

An online archive of all the sermon you’ve preached in all churches, in one location, combined with innovative ways to communicate and teach the lost.

Seekers can search by Preacher and read about you in your profile. Showcase the work you’re doing in sermons and in classes; add notes to sermons to help seekers understand and make your work more readily indexable. 

Communicate with Seekers when they have questions or want to share how your Sermons impact them. and reach seekers all over the world who would otherwise not have the opportunity to hear you share the word. 

Fulfill the Great Commission with greater power than ever, thanks to the support of MiningTheScripture.

Share Your Gifts

We are constantly working to grow our sermon database thanks to Preachers and Churches who share their Sermons and classes online.

We want to make God’s word accessible to everyone everywhere, and with MiningTheScripture’s unique algorithm, this is now a possibility.

If a Seeker has access to the internet, they will be able to hear the Spoken Word, wherever they are located.

In ways that were never before possible, we are aggregating content from Churches and Preachers the world over, so that all may hear – and many more may believe.

Coming Soon

Engage with Seekers

Communicate with Seekers when they have thoughts and questions about your sermons! Using our private messaging App, you’ll be able to discuss important concepts with Seekers as they engage you about your teaching. 

Seekers will be able to share how your teaching impacts them using our unique and private feedback system Help Seekers grow in their faith and let them ask questions and get Scriptural answers.

Coming Soon

Advanced Content Research

Research insights and trends in Christian teaching.

Learn what topics are popular, see what kinds of information Seekers are pursuing, understand the messages that are resonating with people, and which messages should be proclaimed even more!

MiningTheScripture is a reservoir of interesting information on what is being sought and what is being preached. We share that information with Preachers so that they can be better stewards of the spoken word.

Coming Soon